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Beauty salons should be allowed to open the same time as hairdressers. If providing full PPE and cleaning products for both client and staff this should not be an issue.

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With the announcement from Boris Johnson this afternoon we would like to confirm why beauty salons can not open alongside hairdressing salons. Beauty salons will have the relevant PPE for both clients and staff.

By signing this petition we are hoping to achieve some reasoning to why we are unable to open on the 4th July and a date to when we can reopen.

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"We should be able to reopen beauty salons as we always using gloves, masks and we are completely devastated that we can not provide our service" - Anna

Please tweet the business secretary and Rishi Sunak now:

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Please email the Business Secretary and Rishi Sunak asking them for a date that beauty salons can reopen:

Here are some tips for writing your email:

  1. You don't need to be an expert. Explain why this is important to you personally

  2. If you work in a beauty salon, explain how beauty salons being closed has affected you and your income

  3. Mention how seriously hygeine is taken in beauty salons

  4. Remember to be polite

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