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As educators, school leaders and people with an interest in the education and welfare of young people in Norfolk we are aware of the growing tensions around racism and black history in both the US and here in the UK.

We believe that education will play a crucial role in how we move forward and we keenly feel our own responsibility to take leadership at this moment. We understand that this is a highly challenging time for school leadership teams as they prepare to safely welcome back more students to school, but feel that the following five pledges are realistic and work well within current statutory frameworks.

These pledges alone will not solve all of the issues mentioned above but should move us forward significantly and open dialogue. We pledge that from the start of the next academic year:

1. All Norfolk schools should release clear and unambiguous statements of acceptance and support towards our BAME students and staff- both on social media and in welcome back assemblies.
2. Every student must be taught about racism, anti-bullying and micro-aggressions over the first term in form-time or RSE lessons. Where possible BAME students should be involved in the planning of this.
3. Schools will display clear information about how to report racist incidents (and bullying generally) both inside the school building and online. Norfolk schools will commit to releasing data at least annually in relation to racist bullying.
4. Schools will be encouraged to join organisations which support diversity such as Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary and over the course of the school year, work with experts in updating their curriculum to include the teaching of Black History.
5. We will involve BAME students and staff at all levels in all of the ideas above. We will set up an active and influential Equalities Group if there is not one already to work alongside the School Leadership Team.

Educators and school leaders in Norfolk care deeply about all of our young people and want them to feel safe and welcome in our schools. This feels like a significant moment and we want to take the lead and carry the momentum over the summer and into the new academic year.

Founder signatories:
Clive Lewis MP
Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary
Norwich City of Sanctuary
Norwich Pride Steering Committee and Trustees
Norfolk NEU Executive
Chris Smith - Headteacher Dereham Neatherd High School

*If you are signing this petition as a school leader or educator in Norfolk please leave your place of work in the comments box.*

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