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To CEO of all energy companies in the UK

Energy companies are putting profit before helping their customers who find themselves in energy poverty unable to pay their bills. The situation will get worse this winter and everyone needs help now.

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Energy companies to absorb the price increases and help their customers by reducing prices. Cut the cost of standing charges. The recent reports suggest that the price cap will be increased way beyond the original forecast and by this time next year we will all be paying double for our energy whilst the fat cat energy companies continue to make massive profits at our expense. It is up to all of us to spread the word and share my petition with as many people as possible to stop this happening

4 Sep 2022
Energy price cap
So we all now know what the price cap will be from October 1st. How high will it go ? Can we really afford to sit back and do nothing. We have seen a three fold increase and it's likely to go much much higher. Spread the word and get everyone you know to sign up and stop this madness

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Force energy companies to put customer care before profit

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