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To Michelle Donelan - Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

It has always been challenging to get started and get known in the arts. People on low incomes, and those with mental health issues have extra hurdles to overcome, and with the cost of living crisis this is getting worse.

Open letter text

We call on the government to help in the following 3 ways, to help keep the UK at the forefront of arts internationally:
1) Provide new resources (grants, not loans) to increase access and reduce barriers to the disadvantaged entering the arts.

2) Organise a mentorship system for new contributors in the arts.

3) Provide clear signposting to resources (funding applications, advice, mentorship, mental health support.)

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Leroi Mclawrence
Bonnie Oddie
John Bryden
Christopher Hedges-Manuel
Chandi Hubert
Stephen Andrews
Clare Meynell
Rosemary Rimmer Clay
Donna Brennan
Adi D
Yvonne Tennant
James Nye
Iain Guy
Robert Molesworth
Catherine Fernando
Frank Mcentaggart
Gudrun Wiedemann
Olga Irena Kaleta
Gerry Livingstone
Bebbydennis Dennis
Sara Dallimore
Karen Mckay
Lisa Williams
Fiona Winter
Wilma Mchardy
Zita Holbourne
Karen Burnett
Malcolm Munt
Manya Benenson
Liz Hall
Linzee Whitaker
Clementine Beeson
Princess Arinola Adegbite
Paul Openshaw
Elainesaul Saul
Kevin Donoghue
Karen Roberts
Len Alden
Debbie Lough
Jason Juta
Amanda Verlaque
Jo Wilkinson
Elinor Dixon
Trevor Jenkins
Berry Daines
Anna Liberadzki
Tomas Rhys Andrews
Tammy Rose
Denis Southall
Maggie Gothard

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