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To Doug Gurr, UK manager of Amazon

Warehouse processing targets are impossible. The only way to meet them is to run everywhere in the warehouse and never go to the toilet. And if the warehouse conveyer belt breaks, your targets don't change - making it genuinely impossible to hit the target some days. And if you miss a few of these impossible targets, you get fired.

Please drop all targets by 15% or make a fairer target system that lets people work hard, with their basic human needs still looked after.


Amazon warehouse staff and customers

Why is this important?

The target system at Amazon is brutal, here are some stories that employees shared:

"I need to really rush and avoit toilet breaks to reach 100%, its really hard to do it. If I wasnt feeling well some day that would mess up my weekly target and I would receive stage. I can only have 3 or 4 stages before being fired."

"The lines stop all the time but they don't stop the targets. That makes them impossible to reach"

"If you don't hit you're targets you're out the door they don't take into account disabilitys or mental health problems."

"You do not have time to drink water because if you go to the toilet, they send messages to the scanner with the target and it tells you to hurry."

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