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To Jeff Bezos - CEO of Amazon, and Doug Gurr - UK Managing Director,

The pandemic isn't over but you cut the extra £2 an hour at the end of May, we're back on basic pay. We're asking for the extra £2 an hour to carry on until social distancing is over as we're still taking the risk, wearing face masks every day.

Amazon is making billions during this pandemic. You said the £2 extra was temporary pay for the pandemic, but the pandemic isn't over. Everyday we still go into FCs and pack boxes for millions of customers.

We're still risking our lives and our families health to serve customers. Our pay should reflect this.


Amazon customers and staff

Here's what people are saying:
"As a work force we have worked through this to as high a standard as possible (I was off for two weeks then right back) overall Amazon workers feel the extra money should stay and stay after this is over!!! the company can afford it. its making millions due to US and OUR risk."

"Amazon deliveries have been a live saver for me and my household. People risking they own health in order to help others to stay at home safely so that we can protect the NHS and other health workers from having to help more people effective from covid19. Amazon is a multibillion business, and wouldn't be possible without your key workers. Show your gratitude by giving them a fair wage and extend the £2 or more raise as it still should be in your interested to support your workers for the smooth running of your own business."

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Please email Jeff asking him to give Amazon staff their 'pandemic pay' back, you can edit the example email


  1. If you're a customer, mention this - Bezos is very concerned with customer opinion. Explain how they pay cut affect Amazon's reputation

  2. Talk about why you're standing with Amazon staff

  3. Remember to stay polite!

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