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Many transport workers are worried that when masks are no longer required on public transport passengers and staff will be put at risk. A simple thing like wearing a mask helps protects everyone.

Please will you sign the petition to protect passengers and transport workers by keeping masks mandatory on public transport. It takes less than 30 seconds to add your name:

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To: The Health Secretary Sajid Javid MP and all transport providers

Keep mandatory masks on public transport

From the 19th of July masks will no longer be mandatory, and it will be up to members of the public to decide if they wear a mask on public transport. But many transport workers are worried this will mean more passengers and transport workers will be exposed to COVID.

Public transport will be increasingly busy at peak times as more people return to the office, making social distancing impossible. Buses, trains, taxis are all enclosed spaces with little or no fresh air or ventilation, a simple thing like wearing a mask helps protects everyone and costs the individual nothing.

Masks don't just protect the wearer, they protect the people nearby, so even if transport workers continue to wear masks and others don't it puts them at risk. Workers have no choice than to be close to strangers on public transport, and it's especially worrying for workers who are clinically vulnerable, or live with people who are. The staff working in the transport industry need protecting, as do older and more vulnerable people who rely on public transport to get around.

Wearing a mask limits the spread of germs and virus and protects everyone. Please sign this petition to make passengers and workers safer by keeping mandatory masks on public transport.

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