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To Julie Marson MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Employment

I recently lost my job after using £1.50 of my tips to buy some lunch. My employers told me that I had stolen money from the company.
There is currently no legislation in place to ensure cash tips go to workers, meaning bosses can continue to add to their profits while we continue to struggle under inflation and rising bills.
I believe we need clear regulations to protect workers from tip theft and to guarantee that tipping customers are giving their money to the right people.

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Since 2016 there have been discussions proposing this legislation but it has repeatedly been put on the back burner. I want the government to see the importance of this issue and to finally put a stop to these shady business practices.
To have such a grey area around tips is misleading to workers and consumers. This topic really affects so many of us and we need clear regulations now!

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Make it illegal for employers to keep workers' tips!

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