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Nando’s doesn’t use cleaners in stores across the UK. It means chefs and waiting staff are forced to clean toilets after hours - often without proper pay - and thousands of us are eating in unclean restaurants. Staff started this petition, if you've ever eaten at Nando’s please sign it!

Here’s what Nando’s staff are saying:
“It’s not fair after working a long busy shift to then have to spend 3-4 hours extra cleaning the restaurant. Some busier restaurants hire their own cleaners anyways.”

“The managers would clock us out early and not adjust for late stays. if we complained, we were simply told we should have worked faster!! Please change this, the staff cleaning after 10 hours shifts break their backs! and tbh, because they are tired, they really don’t clean that well.”

Petition text

To Colin Hill, Chief Executive of Nando’s UK and Ireland,

Please hire cleaners to help close the UK stores. Pay the cleaners and all Nandocas a living wage of £9 an hour.

Please understand it from our perspective, we work all day on multiple sections then have to stay till 1-3am in the morning cleaning. Especially after an awful busy shift. The shopping centre restaurants have cleaners so why can't all Nando's stores?

Please get professional cleaners for the toilets and floor. Not teenagers who don't know what to do.

Nando's UK staff and customers

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