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To Gillian Keegan, Secretary of State for Education

Teaching assistants need a pay rise to reflect the incredibly hard job that we do! TAs are paid a minimal wage for the selfless job that they carry out. The average pay is just £14,149 [1] and its one of the lowest paying jobs in the UK. Unlike teachers, TA’s only get paid during term time.

Many TAs work with children who are abusive both physically and verbally, children who have extensive needs that goes above and beyond what a TA is supposed to do according to their job role. We are one of the most unappreciated, undervalued and forgotten professions in this country and I believe we need to make a stand now!

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The pay of teaching assistants should be agreed nationally like that of teachers and we should have a pay increase to reflect the diverse job role that we are expected to do. Due to the diversity of the job, all TA’s in England should also be provided with proper professional support and training.

Pay Scale: https://www.payscale.com/research/UK/Job=Teaching_Assistant_(TA)/Salary Sign the petition

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