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To Sir Keir Starmer, Sir Ed Davey, Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay, Humza Yousaf, Llŷr Gruffydd, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Over the last few years, the UK has seen unprecedented strikes across a number of industries, as public sector workers protest unsafe conditions and over a decade’s worth of real terms pay cuts.

Strikes are a last resort taken by workers and trade unions after negotiations with employers fail. Although public sector workers, including rail and NHS workers, are striking for our safety and the sustainability of their service, the government is pushing through their Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill.

This bill enforces minimum service levels in the public sector by restricting workers’ ability to strike. Under the new bill, when workers democratically vote to strike, they could be forced to work - and even be sacked if they refuse.

But with a general election around the corner, we are calling on party leaders to pledge to repeal the bill in their general election manifestos. Click here to read Organise members' messages to party leaders.

Open letter text

To Party Leaders Sir Keir Starmer (Labour), Sir Ed Davey (Liberal Democrat), Carla Denyer & Adrian Ramsay (Green), Humza Yousaf (SNP), Llŷr Gruffydd (acting leader of Plaid Cymru) and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (Conservative):

We call upon you to commit to repealing the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill, which undermines and limits workers' democratic right to strike for fair pay and conditions.

We ask you to demonstrate this commitment by making it a general election manifesto pledge, and repeal the bill if elected by the public.

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Norman Hassan
Anne Mckeown
Lynn Lloyd
Caroline Amos
Jacqie Levin
Stephen Bradley
Michael Corrigan
Kathryn Chapman
Pete Nelson
Phil Jaskowski
christina cornell
Richard Church
Pauline Slater
Patricia Mcparlin
Brendan Hickey
Elizabeth Paul
Deborah Bunker
Rob Hayles
Susan John
Stephen Morris
James Purslow
Sw Wildman
Jemma Achilleos
Angela Lornie
Jenny Fox
Roxana Norton
Bob Haydon
Mandy Warburton
Mark Chilvers
Chloë Chlo-Chlo Eloise Spencer
Fouz Moynihan
Ruksana Hussain
Beryl; Sutherland
Mirinda Roche
Martin Griffiths
Thomas Corda-Stanley
Mr Dave Butler
Sue Lutchman
Catherine Gilsenan
Odete Daniel
Peter Holmes
Roy Williamson
Ian Elliott
rachelmt91@hotmail.co.uk Tucker
Philip Howarth
Chris Jones
Alan Coveney
Pauline Allen
Jade Elliott
Michael Sidaway

Party Leaders: Pledge to Repeal the Anti-Strikes Bill!

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Party Leaders: Pledge to Repeal the Anti-Strikes Bill!

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