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To John Boumphrey (Amazon UK Country Manager) and Jeff Bezos (Executive Chairman, Amazon):

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For us, Prime Day is one of the most dangerous times of the year. During huge pushes like Prime Day and Black Friday, the pressure piles up so high it can land people in hospital.

So this year, we’re asking you to:

- Stop micromanagement
- Bin unfair targets like Time Off Task
- End the constant surveillance

Working in an Amazon warehouse today is so stressful. Even the tools we use, like scanners, are tracking us. We’re always worried about how many seconds we have left to pick up a parcel. We can’t even see all of the targets you track - and it makes it impossible for us to know if our jobs are ever safe.

We try to keep up, but it wears people out.

Drivers are struggling too. 96% of us have said we’ve had to drive dangerously to meet Amazon’s targets, according to a survey of hundreds of drivers from the Organise network.

We’re proud of the work we do to get parcels out to customers. But this inhuman pace can’t go on. It’s not worth risking people’s lives.

Please put this right. Stop the micromanagement. Bin the unfair targets. Let us work with dignity and end the constant surveillance.


6 Oct 2022
Amazon Worker UK Solidarity Rally feat: Amazon Labor Union's Derrick Palmer!
THIS TUESDAY, October 11: UK Amazon Worker International Solidarity Rally, with Derrick Palmer from the US Amazon Labor Union, Rachel Fagan from GMB, Labour Coventry MP Taiwo Owatemi and a special message from US Senator Bernie Sanders. The fightback against Amazon is global – join this international rally to hear about the US fightback against Amazon and essential strategies for how to beat them. Hosted by the GMB union and Foxglove. All details here: https://www.crowdcast.io/c/cyyma7zs8fp4

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