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A London tube driver was recorded engaging with passengers, sharing their sentiments by chanting "Free Palestine" and offering prayers for an end to the ongoing conflict. His actions were an expression of his personal feelings about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and a plea for peace. Unfortunately, this act of empathy and solidarity has put his job at risk, as it has allegedly violated company guidelines or policies.

It is vital to uphold the principles of freedom of expression, compassion, and empathy for people enduring conflict, irrespective of personal beliefs or affiliations.

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Together we are calling on TFL to:

1) Reconsider any disciplinary action taken against the London tube driver for expressing his support for the people of Palestine.

2) Ensure that freedom of expression and the right to express solidarity with humanitarian causes are upheld within the workplace, provided they do not incite hate or violence.

3) Encourage open dialogue and understanding among employees regarding various perspectives on global issues.

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Support the London Tube Driver's Right to Express Solidarity with Palestine

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Support the London Tube Driver's Right to Express Solidarity with Palestine

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