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To Matt Hancock, Secretary for Health and NHS Trust bosses

I’m in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and I work for the NHS. I'm really scared because I'm still expected to go into my hospital, even though social distancing in a hospital is impossible. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, I'm needed more than ever, which means that whenever I go in I'm putting my unborn child at risk.

Pregnant women are currently classed as 'vulnerable' - which means our hospitals have to do everything they can to make it safe. For most of us, that means the choice to stay at home. But lots of NHS Trusts aren't being clear about that right, and lots of pregnant staff are still going into work. That's why I'm starting a campaign asking all NHS Trusts to make sure that all pregnant NHS staff - including those who are less than 28 weeks pregnant - are allowed the choice to work/stay at home with pay. I know some trusts are doing the right thing, but others aren't and it's putting children in danger. If you agree, please sign the petition:

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To Matt Hancock, Secretary for Health and NHS Trust leaders,

More than ever, us NHS workers are putting ourselves last: we're skipping meals, working extra hours and putting ourselves in harms way. This is what's expected of us, and right now, we know it's what has to be done - but it’s putting pregnant NHS staff like me in a really tough position because the rules aren’t being followed. Pregnant staff are legally “vulnerable”, we should be given the option to stay home with full pay. But lots of NHS Trusts aren’t making this clear, so lots of us are still going in - it’s a huge risk.

That's why I'm asking you to protect all pregnant NHS workers no matter our gestation by making sure that the rules are clarified to all staff. It's not fair that a lack of clarity is putting our children at risk.

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Here's the current guidelines from RCOG:

Here's a nurse from the US talking about being pregnant whilst treating patients with COVID-19: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/coronavirus-pregnant-advice-mothers-babies-infants-nurse-covid-19-a9430261.html

If you want to learn more about your rights at work, you can get plenty of information and talk to a lawyer using Pregnant then Screwed:

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Brave NHS staff are giving everything to fighting coronavirus.

They are working gruelling hours in chaotic and dangerous conditions. [1] All to keep us and our loved ones safe.

In other countries, governments are rewarding all health staff with an immediate tax-free bonus. Now, over 8,000 of us are demanding that we go a step further: a pay rise and a bonus for NHS staff.

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