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To Simon Roberts, Chief Executive Officer at Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s workers are struggling to cope on low wages. Despite recent pay increases, this isn’t enough: it doesn’t cover subcontracted staff, and many workers say they still can’t pay for basic costs like food and bills.

Staff also don’t have the reassurance that their pay will rise with inflation, leaving thousands of workers worried about the future. One Sainsbury’s worker is so worried, they’ve looked into producing their own energy on their exercise bike.

The solution is simple: become a Real Living Wage accredited employer. When asked what a real Living Wage pay rise would mean, one worker said: “It would feel like I’m living again - being able to take my children out on a few days out and being able to feed myself when I leave work, which I currently don’t do.”

This year, Sainsbury’s made £730M in underlying profit, a 104% increase from 2020/2021 financial year [1]. The CEO’s pay has also tripled, now taking home £3.8million a year. When your CEO is making 183 times that of the median worker at the supermarket [2], it’s clear there is money in the bank to pay your staff a proper wage. Becoming a Real Living Wage employer will ensure all Sainsbury’s workers earn a wage that meets the cost of living.

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Become a Real Living Wage accredited employer - and pay all Sainsbury's staff (including those sub-contracted through a third party) the real Living Wage.

[1] Sainsbury's Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022
[2] The Guardian: Sainsbury’s CEO’s pay triples to £3.8m as firm rejects living wage calls
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Sainsbury's: pay ALL your staff a real Living Wage.

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