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As a result of the unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic the U.K. entertainment industry is in crisis. As the government has announced a raft of emergency reliefs to support businesses such as Spotlight but nothing to support the freelance creatives who are the entire backbone of our industry, and to demonstrate Spotlight’s stated commitment to “supporting...mental health within our industry“ while also reflecting the sudden lack of work appearing on the site, a gesture towards supporting their membership during this uncertain time would enable many performers to breathe more easily.

At this time, with many of your estimated 70,000 members losing our work, worrying about paying our rent, utilities, and living expenses we, the undersigned, call upon Spotlight to temporarily suspend our membership fee for three months for those of us paying by monthly direct debit, and to extend, by three months, the memberships of those who pay annually.

Thank you,

Your undersigned members:

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