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To Lord Paul Bew, Chair of the House of Lords Appointments Commission

Boris Johnson is planning to pack the House of Lords with 50 new Conservative peers – and he wants to make them sign a piece of paper promising they’ll never challenge the Conservative government if they take the job. [1] This shameless and authoritarian plan puts our democracy at risk. We call on the House of Lords Appointments Commission to reject the Prime Minister's resignation honours list.

Petition text

Boris Johnson has been forced to resign by his own Party for disgracing the office of Prime Minister – he should be denied the privilege of making his ‘honours’ appointments to the House of Lords. We should then change the way people are appointed to the House of Lords, as it's obviously deeply flawed and allows for abuses of power like the one the ex-Prime Minister is attempting now.

[1] The Guardian: Boris Johnson is planning to fill the Lords with his cronies and legitimise bribery: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jul/29/boris-johnson-lords-cronies-legitimising-bribery

15 Aug 2022
We've handed in the petition, but let's keep the pressure up!
Today I went to parliament to hand in our petition blocking Johnson from packing the Lords with 50 new Tory peers (they've all agreed to rubber stamp policy). He's leaving a legacy of greed and corruption. We can't let it happen. We have some exciting ideas for this campaign coming around the corner, watch this space!

12 Aug 2022
Final push on this petition – let's make our case as strong as possible!
We're now at nearly 36,000 signatures – thanks for getting involved! It resonates because it's so plainly corrupt. Let's not stand for it. Please share the petition over the next couple of days before we hand this in to the Leader of the House on Monday.

5 Aug 2022
This petition is getting attention – thanks to everyone who's backed it!
15,000 have signed this petition in 24 hours and have left over 1,000 comments. It's great that it's striking a chord. Please share it with your network. This is an opportunity to apply some pressure!

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