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Amazon are giving bonuses of up to £3,000 to new workers, but there is nothing for people already working in Amazon and doing their best to support and stay with the company. It is not fair to treat people already working in Amazon less than people about to start working there. 

I can understand that Amazon is in need of people because it’s our busiest time of the year coming up and it is a struggle to find new staff. But I cannot agree with the fact that Amazon is willing to give up to £3000 for new starters in Amazon but there is nothing for people who already work there. Like we don't even matter. 

Some people are in Amazon for years and want to stay with the company and they won't receive a bonus or financial support even over Christmas. Without the people already working at Amazon, there wouldn't be anyone to show or explain to new starters how to do their job and follow the correct process to complete the necessary tasks. Help me to make it fair for everyone and sign the petition. 

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Make it fair for people already working hard in Amazon and give ALL Amazon staff a bonus, not just new starters.

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