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Dear Humphrey Cobbold CEO, Pure Gym; Richard Darwin CEO, The Gym Group; Martin Long CEO, DW Fitness First; Matthew Bucknall CEO, Virgin Active; Steve Gray CEO, Nuffield Health

For the past 5 months we have all been forced to take our workouts out of the gyms and into our homes. Frustratingly, this has meant less space and less equipment. But for women there has been an upside - less harassment from men.

Today, April 12th, gyms reopened across the nation and women were reminded of the constant sexual harassment that comes with working out. The secretly filming us while we squat, the constant staring, the creepy comments and the following us around the gym floor. 81 percent of women have even changed their routine to avoid being harassed (FitRated survey).

If gyms want women’s business, they need to make it their business to keep us safe.

We are calling upon every gym, big or small, to implement a robust anti sexual harassment plan, including:

1) Mandatory anti harassment training for all staff, including PTs
2) Educating all members as part of their induction
3) A clear and safe reporting process for victims
4) Signage within the gym including changing rooms, reminding men not to harass
5) A disciplinary for first time-offenders and instant ban for repeat offenders
6) An industry-wide offender blacklist

We don’t a token PR response from you, we want an open and productive dialogue.

The 97 March
Gym Safe Ladies

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