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To Letting agents in England who use Goodlord's referencing service

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Goodlord (goodlord.co @sogoodlord) is a referencing agency we believe you use. Goodlord management has used the cover of the pandemic to attack the already low wages of its referencing staff. There is currently strike action taking place involving the staff it will affect. If management succeeds it will push these workers below the London Living Wage of £10.85 per hour.


We say - stop using Goodlord.

If you continue to use Goodlord:
• You will no longer be able to call yourselves supporters of the London Living Wage and we will consider you poverty pay employers.
• You will see a drop in the quality of the referencing services you receive from GoodLord. As Goodlord becomes Badlord and the dedicated and skilled staff are forced into poverty.

We demand:
• You stop using Goodlord whilst the strike is on.
• If you want to see this issue resolved as quickly as possible, please contact Goodlords directly to remove the threat of cuts to low paid workers in their referencing department. You can contact them on 020 3198 2060 / william@goodlord.co / tom@goodlord.co / @sogoodlord / goodlord.co)

We will be continuing to protest against Goodlord and estate agents which continue to work with them, including informing the university, students union and other student groups.

FInd us on Twitter: @GoodlordStudent

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Stephen Simpson
Lucy Donovan
Alexis Edwards
Nancy Taaffe
Martyna Ostrowska
Catherine Mcpake
David Warren
Pauline Brady
Alex Brent
Len Hockey
Lisa Toth
Dave Ireland
Helen Kerr
Richie Mcloughlin
Eleanor Boyd
Nora Knight
Iris Nicholls
Terry Harper
Lydia Ndoinjeh
Nathan Newton
Berkay Kartav
Kate Morrison
Kev Wil
James Spencer
Michael Powell-Davies
Margaret Mackenzie
Naomi Byron
Meg Day
Ellen Kenyon Peers
R Prasad
Deji Olayinka
Bea Gardner
Ellie Harding
Abi Lomax
Mary Margaret Mcpake
Denis Lenihan
Andrea Gilbert
Morgan Rhys Powell
Vivien Toft
Eileen Hunter
Kevin O'Hanrahan
Lesley Walton
Declan Peter Clune
Dora Dimitrova
James Ivens
Lydia Stott
Sonia Bridge

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