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To the Board of Directors of Ted Baker,

Put an end to forced 'hugging' by the CEO. It is part of a culture that leaves harassment unchallenged.

Please set up a way of reporting harassment to an independent, external body - HR has done nothing with the reports of harassment to date.

Directors who abuse their power should be held to account. Harassment at Ted Baker is well documented but wilfully ignored by those in charge.

It's time to break the silence.


Your employees and customers

Why is this important?

The general feeling inside Ted Baker is that there's no official way to address the issue of harassment. That's why we (as staff) are running this campaign.

There are a lot of really positive things about working at Ted Baker but they’re often overshadowed by the ‘hugging’ and inappropriate touching and comments. I’ve seen the CEO ask young female members of staff to sit on his knee, cuddle him, or let him massage their ears. I went to HR with a complaint and was told ‘that’s just what Ray’s like’.

The owner regularly makes sexual innuendos at staff, he stroke people’s necks, he took off his shirt on one occasion and talked about his sex life. So many people have left the business due to harassment, whether that be verbal, physical or sexual. Pursuing the issue through the 'proper' channels i.e. Human Resources, is hopelessly ineffective. They don't act on the reports. It's time to break the silence.

Whether you're a staff member or a Ted Baker customer, please add your voice.

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Scrap the forced 'hugs' and end harassment at Ted Baker

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Scrap the forced 'hugs' and end harassment at Ted Baker

Thanks for calling out harassment at Ted Baker. Let's make sure as many staff (and former staff!) are calling out the harassment. If you work(ed) there, will you share your experience at Ted Baker? Already 60 staff have shared their story:


If you don't work at Ted Baker, can you share the petition? A huge petition signed by both staff and the public is our best chance to force change inside Ted Baker:


Or donate to the Organise community to help more people speak out against harassment:

Scrap the forced 'hugs' and end harassment at Ted Baker

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