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This petition is open to Tesco staff, customers and members of the public:

Tesco are cutting thousands of cleaners from stores across the country and telling staff to do the cleaning instead. Hygiene is not something a huge supermarket should be sacrificing right now - especially when Tesco's sales are surging.

That's why a group of us staff are launching a petition demanding that proper cleaners are kept in stores. There's no way we'll have enough time to clean the stores on top of our other jobs - we're already working non-stop. So no cleaners means a risk to staff AND customers.

This shouldn't be happening. Please sign the petition if you agree:

Petition text

To Dave Lewis, CEO of Tesco

Getting rid of cleaners in Tesco Express and Tesco Metro stores is a risk to staff AND customers.

Hygiene is not something a huge supermarket should be sacrificing right now. Please reverse your decision and keep proper cleaners in Tesco stores.


Tesco staff, customers and the general public

Here's what a few staff are saying right now:

"We have worked so hard during this pandemic, and I can tell you for a fact we will not be given the time needed to properly clean the shop. It is a complete slap in the face, and shows that Tesco only values profit; with no interest in staff or customer safety" - Tesco Express staff member

"It’s awful that they are going to make a group redundant to then add to the workload and stress of other staff with no pay rise." - Tesco Metro staff member

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