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To UNiDAYS directors and corporate partners,

There is a history of inappropriate sexual relationships with young female employees by the CEO Josh Rathour and co-founders at UNiDAYS, as well as a long history of sexual harassment and bullying by the CEO himself. It is ingrained in the DNA and culture of the company. Many who have spoken out or objected have been let go and, in some cases, paid off and forced to sign gagging orders.

We ask two things:

  1. Josh Rathour immediately steps down as CEO.

  2. The company sets up a totally independent HR function outside the company for employees to safely report any people-related issues. This is due to the fact that the UNiDAYS HR team has wilfully ignored reports of harassment to date.

Directors who abuse their power should be held to account. Harassment at UNiDAYS is well documented but wilfully ignored by those in charge, who are the very people we say are carrying out the abuse.


UNiDAYS staff and customers

Why is this important?

Over the past seven years, as UNiDAYS has grown from a start-up to a global brand with 320 employees at its peak, the inappropriate and bullying behaviour of CEO Josh Rathour (and co-founders) has been rife and wholly unchecked.

There have been numerous affairs between Josh Rathour and his two co-founders with young female employees, with unsolicited and unwanted sexual attention from Rathour, who has forcibly attempted to engage sexually with staff and indulged in shouting fits and naked bullying that has reduced employees to tears and in some cases led them to require counselling.

There is no human resources function worth speaking of and zero corporate governance. All incidents are covered up and swept under the carpet. Some have been let go, paid off and made to sign gagging orders to buy their silence. The company lawyer is Situl Baines, Josh Rathour’s sister. Ironically, she is UNiDAYS’ self-styled “female rights advocate”. And as two other directors are Josh Rathour’s mother and father, we have no confidence in the ability or genuine desire of this company to introduce real and meaningful change.

We demand root-and-branch culture change and insist upon an external HR audit as we have no confidence in what is effectively a family-run business to police its own mess. Even Rathour’s mother is part of the bullying regime, monitoring what time employees arrive and ordering them to get back to work when they are making tea in the kitchen. And his sister, the company lawyer, has been known to manage complainants out of the company.

We say, enough. We will no longer be compliant or acquiescent. It’s time for this to stop. For good.

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