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Having given 7 years of my life, sometimes working 47 hours a week to the pub, I wasn't expecting to be left with nothing and have the bonus I've already earned get cancelled. We all put up with so much, we make so much money for the company, and this is how we’re repaid - by being told to look elsewhere for a job. It's completely wrong.

That's why we're asking for our bonuses to be paid in full and our wages to be paid while we wait for the government support to kick in.

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Dear Tim Martin, Chairman of Wetherspoons,

After all we do for Wetherspoons, it's wrong for you to leave us in the lurch. I rely on my weekly wage to pay rent, pay for bills and feed my family - and I'm terrified.

We're all asking that you pay our wages (based on the average hours we've worked in the last three months) until government support kicks in. We're also demanding that you pay us the bonuses that we've already earned.


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