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To HR at the BBC,

You're advertising placements to work for the BBC at Wimbledon 2019. But they're unpaid, despite including duties like “running errands, assisting film crews/radio reporters and escorting people around the grounds."

Calling the job 'work experience' doesn't get you out of paying a fair wage for the job. Everyone with a job deserves a wage they can live on. Especially at Wimbledon, one of the richest sporting events in the World.

The advert also demands 'physical fitness' from applicants. This rejects many people with disabilities before they've even applied, which doesn't fit with the BBC's commitment to inclusion.

Please change the roles to:
1) Pay a Living Wage
2) Not discriminate against those with disabilities


Applicants and BBC viewers

Why is this important?

According to UK law, every worker must be paid at least the National Minimum Wage, no matter how long the placement is or even if the applicant says they’re happy to work for free. But this role, at an event that makes millions of pounds, is being advertised as voluntary.

An employer like the BBC should be leading the way on this, not getting caught out for tone deaf mistakes. Especially when they say they’re committed to “equality, diversity and inclusion.” That’s why we’re demanding they change it.

Please add your name to the petition now.

You can see the jobs advertised here: https://careerssearch.bbc.co.uk/jobs/job/Work-Experience-Opportunities-Wimbledon-2019-BBC-Sport-Television/38830

To find out more about Graduate Fog, check out their website here https://graduatefog.co.uk/

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Tweet BBC Sport and Andy Murray demanding that they pay a living wage and stop discriminating for the Wimbledon jobs.

Tweet tips:

  • Remind the BBC they have a committment to diversity and inclusivity.

  • If you want to loop Andy Murray into your tweet, his handle is @andy_murray

  • Remember to be polite

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